Amibroker AFL Development and Automation

Amibroker is most widely used charting application in India and across the world. It is easy to use and fast to do many complex screening and automation in trading. We have developed expertise in developing in Amibroker Charts, Screener, Exploration and Integrating with Broker API.
If you have trading Idea then we can provide the following services to make your trading easy.
Our Amibroker Services
  1. Idea to Trading Strategies
  2. Backtesting your Trading Strategies
  3. Automating Your Trading Strategies
  4. Integrating your Strategies with Broker API
  5. Trading Signals (i.e Buy/Sell) Generation
  6. Developing Exploration
  7. Developing Scans
  8. Alerts and Popus 
  9. Modification to your Trading System
Charges for AFL Development depends on the complexity of the task, we would send you the quotation affter analyzing the task. Minimum charges would be Rs 2,000/-.
Please make a document of your stratergy and contact Ravi (+91 - 9590748549) for further details.